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Voices of GROW

Hi, I'm Andy and I run the digital media and design business, Roseneath Creative . I'm pleased to present here my proposal and fee structure for the 'Voices of GROW' project. 

I am confident that I have the capacity to deliver the project as outlined in the brief. I am have recently produced a large amount of content on similar short timelines. My strength is working with groups and individuals to capture the essence of their story.

I hope that my body of work and references enable you to see that Roseneath Creative has the capacity to plan and deliver a professional result that exceeds your expectations for the campaign. 

I look forward to the prospect of working with you. 

Andy Forssman

Andy - Studio.jpg

Throughout my 15 years of teaching (Secondary Art, Design & Media) I have always had a side project.. be it recording local bands, or filming the occasional wedding.  Now those projects are both my bread and butter and my passion as Roseneath Creative has become a full time pursuit. 

I bring a diverse skillset to all projects that I engage with. My knowledge and experience in videography, photograpy, graphic design along with web design enables me to undertake large projects in various formats of delivery. 

The studio itself is located in Warncoort and features a fully equipped recording studio with a range of studio lighting for video and still photography use. 

Currently Roseneath operates as 'one man show'. However I am fortunate to have a great network of trusted and talented creatives that I periodically engage to assist in some aspects of production. My partner Jess is also a talented photographer and often provides assistance. 

The delivery of this proposed campaign will be underpinned by my ability to communicate effectively with key stakeholders, manage shoot schedules and to develop a suitable aesthetic for use across all campaign materials. 

studio_facebook_1 copy.jpg
Project Overview

Create five short three minute films, based on Good News Stories being curated by the GROW team. These films will be displayed at the event, and subsequently on the GROW website.

The purpose of the films is to show examples of how GROW signatories have contributed to the overall strategy and encourage others to take action.

Plan, shoot, edit and deliver the 5 films within the specified time frame. 

Apply suitable title design, graphics and music. 

Project Implentation
Contracts Signed
Nov 9
Shoot Schedule Finalised
Nov 13
Production Period
Nov 16 - 24
Deliver Draft Video Content
Nov 25
Deliver Final Video Content
Dec 6
Selected Project Samples

Client - AKD 

Project - Support Australians National Campaign

5 part series of videos one minute or less. 


The key elements were the use of individual employee images, the AKD logo, the Australian Grown and Made logo and our headline "Support Australians by Buying Australian Product".

Footage was shot at the Colac, Caboolture and Tumit sites. 

The campaign was ran on AKD's national Facebook page throughout 2020. 

Client - Colac Chamber of Commerce

Project - 2019 Colac Otway Business Awards

18 videos featuring category finalists along with an extended 'opener' video. Graphic design supported the presentation in form of logo design and title design within the videos. 

Project - Keep Colac Safe

6 part series of videos spreading messages of support during the Covid - 19 pandemic. 

The videos were very well received within the Colac community. There were large amounts of likes and comments, with the videos eventually getting national media attention.

(View Daily Mail article here)


Client - Wisdom Workshop

Project - Promotional Video, Website, Logo Design & Publication Design



‘Andy has been amazing to work with throughout the creation of a promotional video for my business website. He took the time to speak and meet with me over and over again to get a sense of exactly what I was looking for, and he delivered on this exceptionally well. In addition to the video he was also able to assist me with logo design, website development and general branding to get a finished product which I love and would not have been able to achieve without him. I found Andy to be such a friendly and down to earth guy who just has such a natural talent for design and creativity.’

Ryan Harding, Wisdom Workshop


Thanks for taking the time to consider this proposal. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions. 

Andy Forssman


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